Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Power of Nutrition

I have a story to share today. Recently I had a client who was going through chemotherapy. Usually chemotherapy brings on a slew of side effects, yet this woman was experiencing no side effects other than losing her hair. Her doctors were amazed because the treatment protocol that she was on was very aggressive and usually had very strong side effects. She shared with me that before she started treatments, her husband did some research on what might help her during the process, and came across a nutritionist that they decided to meet with. The nutritionist did some tests on her to determine any nutrient deficiencies as well as what needed to be done to balance the pH of her body. She recommended supplements as well as a simple concoction with water, honey, lemon and baking soda that she would drink a few times a day in order to balance her body’s pH. While going through treatments, she followed the protocol from the nutritionist, as well as eating a very healthy diet. Her blood counts were good, she had energy, her weight didn’t fluctuate, she wasn’t dehydrated or nauseous, she didn’t get any mouth sores, and she was able to maintain her regular lifestyle caring for her family. The doctors couldn’t believe it! We fit her with a great Human Hair Lace Front Cranial Prosthesis, and no one besides her immediate family and boss at work even knew that she had cancer!

Years ago when I went to beauty school, we were taught how important pH balance is in hair and skin care products, but I think that it is just as important for our bodies, especially when they are being thrown off by harsh medications such as chemotherapy, or even other things that we come into contact with from the environment or in our foods.

The doctor gave this woman packets of information on how to help prepare for chemotherapy. One of the suggestions was to buy lots of frozen meals to eat when she wasn’t feeling well enough to cook, but I think that ignoring that advice and sticking to a healthy, whole food diet was much more helpful in her healing. She found herself tearing out pages of the pamphlets and sticking to what her nutritionist told her, and she looks nothing but healthy. I had to share this amazing story of this incredible woman and the husband who helped her find the right people to help her with her nutrition and cranial prosthesis needs.

Be well,


Friday, February 12, 2016

Eufora Thickening Line Testimonial

On the blog today is a testimonial from one of our loyal customers on her experience using the Eufora Thickening product collection. Eufora is a professional hair product brand that we carry at Hair For You Salon that is made of high quality, all natural ingredients. Their "Thickening Collection" is a set of products that helps both men and women achieve thicker, fuller hair without the use of harsh and damaging chemicals. But don't just take our word for it, here is what one of our own customers has to say about the products:  

"I am 51 years old, and I have been experiencing hereditary female pattern hair loss since the age of 24. After wearing hair pieces for 25 years, I pretty much figured I would never grow any new hair again. For the last year or so, Linda had been encouraging me to try the Eurofa Thickening line of hair products. I didn't think any hair care line could help me with my hair loss after so many years, but I finally acquiesced and bought a Eurofa Thickening starter kit. To my amazement, I started growing new hair after only about a month of use! I had tried Rogaine in the past to no avail, but this product actually works! I don't yet know if I'll grow back enough hair to be able to go "naked" again (go out without a hairpiece on), but I'll be a few steps ahead if I can just feel less embarrassed when I choose to go around my own home without a hair piece on. I am eager to see how things go with this product over the coming months." -Brenda

We are so excited that this product is giving clients like Brenda such positive results!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Scalp Care During Treatments

Many people do not realize this, but taking proper care of one's scalp while they undergo medical treatments is incredibly important! Proper scalp care during this time will allow their hair to grow back more quickly and evenly after treatments are finished.

Treatments that cause hair loss such as chemotherapy and radiation tend to have a very drying effect on the skin. When the scalp is dry, it becomes tight and flaky, which inhibits hair growth by clogging hair follicles and causing the scalp to become too tight for new hair to push through and grow properly. In order to prevent this, we recommend using 100% pure shea butter to keep the scalp moisturized. Shea butter (imported from Africa) can be purchased at Hair For You Salon and is given to all clients that are undergoing treatments with the purchase of a wig. 

We recommend that shea butter be used on the scalp daily. Every night, take a small amount of shea butter out of the container and work it through the fingers to soften it. Apply the shea butter to the scalp and massage it into the skin for 1-3 minutes. Massaging the shea butter into the scalp not only moisturizes the skin, but also promotes blood circulation to the scalp. This circulation nourishes the skin as well as the inactive hair follicles, which can help promote quicker hair growth once treatments are finished- the hair follicles will be more stimulated and ready to grow!

For those that want to give their hair even more of a boost once it is ready to grow back, Hair For You offers scalp treatments for hair regrowth. These treatments are done on a weekly basis (until desired results are achieved) and include a hot oil scalp massage, high frequency treatment, purifying shampoo cleanse and deep conditioning treatment. All of these steps promote further nourishment of the scalp and blood circulation to feed the hair follicles. All of the products used in our scalp treatments are natural (no preservatives or artificial colors/fragrances) and are soothing for sensitive scalps. We will also recommend a few of these products to be used at home in between treatments to give clients the best results possible.

Once the hair starts to grow back, the use of the shea butter on the scalp should be discontinued. For those who are not local or do not want to have scalp treatments, feel free to contact us with further questions on how to promote quicker and more even hair regrowth. We will be happy to explain the next steps and recommend products for home use.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Synthetic Wig Facts

Thinking about purchasing a synthetic wig? Here are a few things you need to know:

99% of wigs come average sized. In order for a wig to look as natural as possible, it needs to fit your head properly! Most wigs have adjustment tabs on the back of the neck, but they only tighten the perimeter of the wig- everyone's head is shaped differently and their wig needs to be sized accordingly. The wig professionals at Hair For You Salon size each wig to fit the client's head perfectly- just like hand-tailoring a pair of pants.

Synthetic wigs cannot be exposed to more than 225 degrees of heat, otherwise the hair will melt in seconds. Heat styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons cannot be used on synthetic wigs. While wearing the wig, you must stay away from other sources of heat such as ovens, grills, buffet heat lamps and rotisseries.

Synthetic wigs need to be washed every 25-30 wears. After about 3-4 washings, the style may need to be refreshed by the wig professionals at Hair For You- we use special tools to "remold" the hair into the desired style.

Static electricity as well as the heat of your body and friction will cause the synthetic hair fibers to break down and look frizzy. Using a special leave-in conditioner spray for synthetic wigs can slow this process and make the wig last longer. Once the hair becomes frizzy, it can be remolded back into it's original shape. This can happen a few times before the wig needs to be replaced.

Because friction causes breakdown of the hair, we recommend synthetic wigs for clients wanting a short hair style- one that does not go past the back of the neck. Longer length synthetic wigs will not last as long and may need to be remolded every 4-6 weeks.

Synthetic wigs will last approximately 9 months on average, but can last longer if cared for properly and/or not worn every day.

We carry only the highest quality synthetic wigs at Hair For You Salon, all with hand-tied tops for the most natural look- the hair looks like it is growing right from your scalp!

Visit our website at to view some of the wig styles we carry! If we don't have exactly what you want, we will create it for you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Human Hair Wigs: Remy vs. Non-Remy Hair

When looking into buying a wig, there are many factors to consider. If you have decided to purchase a human hair wig, then there are a few things that you need to know so that you can choose a high quality wig. One of the biggest differences between human hair wigs is Remy vs. Non-Remy hair, and here is what you need to know:

When human hair is collected, it is sorted into two groups. Remy hair is cut from the head and carefully preserved with the roots still aligned at the top of the bundle all the way through the shipping and manufacturing process. Non-Remy hair does not have the roots aligned- for whatever reason it was not preserved in a bundle (it may have been swept off the floor or carelessly thrown into the packaging for shipment). 

Because the cuticles are going in different directions, Non-Remy hair is then processed through a bath of hydrochloric acid to remove the cuticle from the hair. This results in the hair being extremely dry, damaged, and over-processed. Unfortunately, the hair cannot heal from this process. Even with extensive deep conditioning, the hair cannot easily retain moisture, leaving it feeling straw-like, limp, and causing it to tangle very easily. Normal conditioners are formulated to condition the cuticle, but with the cuticle being gone, non-remy hair is very difficult to treat and manage. 

Remy hair is much less damaged, and is inserted into the wig cap with each hair cuticle going in the same direction. For this reason, Remy hair wigs are often more expensive than Non-Remy hair, but they will last much longer, look and feel better, and be significantly easier to manage.

Don't let the price of a human hair wig fool you though- make sure you know that it is 100% Remy hair before you buy it! Not all human hair wigs are created equal.

Hair For You Salon only carries and sells Remy or European hair wigs- quality guaranteed!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, Same Mission

Happy New Year!

2014 was a wonderful year for us at Hair For You Salon. We saw so many new faces and came alongside many of them in their journeys, whether they were experiencing hair loss from cancer, female pattern baldness, alopecia, trichotillomania, etc. We also went through many aesthetic changes inside the salon by adding more privacy rooms and redecorating throughout. But while our salon changes and we enter a new year, our mission remains the same: to provide high quality wigs and hairpieces and caring service for those experiencing hair loss. We do everything that we can to give our clients the most natural looking results and leave them feeling cared for and good about their appearance.

We were encouraged this holiday season by a note from a client expressing her appreciation for our services, which affirmed that we are accomplishing our mission! Here is an excerpt from her letter:

"I just wanted to say that your kindness and complete understanding, at a very low point in many of our lives, is forever remembered and cherished. I don't think there is anyone else in the world who can do the job you do with such a loving spirit. Meeting you was just one of several life altering experiences that breast cancer brought. While I may forget the medical staff, I will always hold you close to my heart, Linda. With your help and talent, my wig was sensational the entire time. I have never had as many compliments from people as the year I wore that wig. Frankly, I miss the attention which has all but disappeared with my now straight locks."

We hope that we can touch many more clients in the same way in 2015.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Update on the Goings-On

A lot of changes have been happening at Hair For You Salon, and we're finally back on the blog to talk about it!

Earlier this year, the salon underwent some major construction and now features 2 different privacy rooms for wig consultations!

In July, Andrea joined the Hair For You team. She is a Licensed Esthetician who performs scalp treatments for hair regrowth on clients who have thinning hair or hair that is growing back after chemotherapy or other medical conditions. She also assists in sizing, washing and styling wigs and can assist clients in learning how to care for their wigs or hairpieces.

We recently had a promotional video for the salon done to be featured on our business page- check it out here:

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We hope to be sharing more exciting changes before the end of the year!

Take Care,


Monday, November 26, 2012

Wig sizing

Wigs have evolved a lot! You would not believe the changes companies have made to the wigs they create. When I first started working with wigs over 18 years ago they had to be thinned out and restyled dramatically. Thank goodness that is not the case anymore! At Hair For You Salon we have a large selection of wigs in stock. 98% of wigs come average size, but in my experience, only about 1 in every 200 people that I see do not need any sizing done to their wigs.

Most wigs have adjustment tabs on the back of nape, but they only tighten the perimeter of the wig, they do not properly size the wig. There are many areas of a person's head other than the perimeter that affect how their wig fits- they may be large in one place and smaller in another! Proper sizing of the wig is key to the wig looking natural. When the wig is flush to the head, it will look like the hair is growing right out of it! I customize the wig for each and every head shape by taking the wig apart and resewing it, just like hand-tailoring any other article of clothing that you may wear. Then I cut and style the wig so that it looks perfect on you and flatters your face shape. Cutting wigs requires a different technique than cutting normal hair- a hairdresser without experience in wigs will not be able to properly cut and style a wig, especially if the hair is synthetic.

A wig is a big investment- let the wig experts at Hair For You Salon take care of you and give you the most natural looking results. As always, feel free to call us with any questions or to schedule a free wig consultation- we are here for you!

Take care and Have a Great Day!  Linda  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Domino Effect

I have an amazing story to share. I had a friends daughter in need of a wig. She is a young mom of 2 children. The type of cancer she had was very rare and usually chemo does not work. (Thank god it did for her.) A non profit organization picked her along with 3 other people going thru chemo for a fund raiser. I cut sized and styled a wig for her that she got from the Cancer Society.The wig did not look like her. They are donated wigs and I really felt bad that she was going to this benefit with 500 people and this cheap looking wig. I donated a wig for her. She looked amazing at the benefit. A friend of hers called me up and said she would like to donate a wig to someone who really needs one and can not afford it.She thought it was amazing that I would just donate a wig for her. She sent me a check for a wig for someone else in need.   I have been hanging on to this credit trying to find the right person. In the time being I am thinking- wouldn't it be great to get donations from private people for the less fortunate. Hair is a womens Crown and Glory. It really is the most important thing to most women when they are going threw one of the most trying times in there life. P.S. I found the person for this wig she is a mom of triplets. All of them have cerebalpalsy and another child that is autistic. On top of that her husband just lost his job. These are trying times but how much can one take. I feel so happy to have this wig credit that  I can now share with this women in need. Its really is amazing how a domino affect works.

With the month of October being  cancer awareness month my salon is donating 10% of wig sales to Imerman Angels. Imerman Angels is a wonderful nonprofit organization. They connect people who have had cancer with people who just found out with the same demographics. ( John is a cancer survivor and wanted to give back and started this wonderful program.

                                 One nice thing does deserve another,
                                                                      Take care,Linda DiFronzo

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring is almost here!!

We have been working very hard on our ecomerce store! It should be done in the next 1-2 months.  It is a great option for people to take advantage of our expertise, that cannot come into our physical location!  As of April 1st our new website will be done:) Check it out Our current website is still there, we will just have a new look.  We always strive to do our very best to help you out.  We are always here for you ,and want you to feel very comfortable with us. We can help you with the hair that you have, or the hair that you wish you had!  We are currently offering 189$ keratin treatments. We use Global Keratin, which is an amazing line! We have all taken the proper class to become certified, and would love to eliminate your frizz. Sometimes people with unruly hair come in for this treatment ,as well as people after chemotherapy to eliminate that fuzz we call chemo hair.  Please never hesitate to give us a call 847-259-4968. You can also email us at Take care and enjoy the sunshine!